A dedicated family business servicing Phillip Island and San Remo for over 30 years, Island Mowing are the original lawn care professionals

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Established in 1988 by Peter Mertens, with the help of his wife Gillian, our business was born when we saw the need for lawn maintenance for the many holidaymakers who loved the Island lifestyle just as much as we did. Running a family business also meant we could not only continue to enjoy living on the Island, but create a flexible lifestyle while raising our young family.

We specialise in holiday homes because we want our customers to truly enjoy their time at Phillip Island. When you arrive on the Island, we have made sure your lawns already look splendid, without you having to lift a finger… it is called a Holiday home for a reason!

Island Mowing launched with Peter as the sole worker and 17 original customers – many of whom we’re proud to still service today – and grew quickly to around 450 homes in the peak season. We’ve worked with some wonderful employees and today employee three staff members year round, and provide seasonal work for up to five employees in our busiest times.

A family business in every sense of the term, our two daughters – Jennifer and Lucy – were always on hand to help while growing up, from assisting with rubbish removal to mowing the oval at the same primary school they attended in Cowes.

A reliable, local business that can cater for all property sizes – from small units to large acreages – we’re incredibly proud of everything Island Mowing has achieved and the service we continue to deliver today.

Our Mission
  • To refresh all the properties we mow and care for

  • To aspire optimism and happiness within the business

  • To create enjoyment to all property and holiday home owners

  • Build mutual loyalty with Staff, Customers and Suppliers

Our Vision
  • People: Be a great place to work, where our team are happy and proud to work.

  • Profit: Maximize long-term return to owners while being mindful of our overall responsivity’s.

  • Productivity: Be a highly effective, lean (yet safe) and a long lasting business

Our Focus
  • Focus on the needs of our customers at all times

  • Get out into the market, listen, observe and learn

  • Focus on excellent execution every day


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